Short Story Publications

  • “Rosetta”

    Featured in the X-FILES: THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE Anthology (2016). Mulder and Scully track a NASA informant claiming to have proof of extraterrestrial evidence discovered by a satellite on a nearby comet. But of course, with these cases, nothing is as it seems

  • “In Mint Condition”

    An autograph dealer tries to sell an old document signed by a famed magician and escape artist, only to find that the subject in question may have pulled off the ultimate act –cheating death itself.

  • “Prometheus Found”

    A Frankenstein sequel/zombie-apocalypse mash-up, featured in the anthology WHEN THE VILLAIN COMES HOME.

  • “For Sale”

    A real estate sales pitch for the ultimate creepy haunted house, complete with footnotes and fun, in the humor-tinted BLOOD LITE 3: AFTERTASTE.

  • “The Shiva Objective”

    A prequel to THE PHAROS OBJECTIVE, featuring assassin-psychic Nina Osseni trapped in a 'most dangerous game', hunted by the world's best killers against the backdrop of the mysterious Taj Mahal.

  • “The Smithsonian Objective”

    A free standalone digital short, a teaser involving one of the members of the Morpheus Initiative, taking place after THE PHAROS OBJECTIVE. A desperate search for something hidden in the Grand Canyon leads to a descent into the secret archives under the Smithsonian.

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  • “Roadside Assistance”

    Debuting May 1st, 2010 in Horrorworld. After a gruesome car accident, a diabolical GPS device torments a man trapped in the wreckage.

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  • “The Wrong Basement”

    Published in Abyss & Apex #32. A couple discover their basement has changed overnight, and what they find down there changes their lives.

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  • “Blackout Man”

    Appearing in Talebones #38. At the NSA a very special man works at protecting the nation's darkest secrets. (Honorable Mention - Best Horror of the Year, 2009)

  • “Casualty Notification Officer”

    Published in Dark Recesses, Aug. 2009. An officer brings dire news to a soldier's wife, but at the house he discovers the deceased isn't quite as described.

  • “Bait”

    Published in Black Static #7. Two scuba divers assisting the police with a dead body make a horrifying discovery under the sea.

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  • “Plastromancer”

    Published in issue #12 of Paradox. In ancient China, a diviner uses tortoise shells to foretell the doom of an empire.

  • “Turning Time”

    Published in issue #23 of Abyss & Apex. The dead are cold, and during a ceremonial event in Madagascar, they are brought out to meet their descendents...and to find warmth once again.

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  • “Ladders”

    Published in issue #33 of ChiZine. An allegorical tale of an inescapable city and a population so desperate to escape they turn to the only direction left. Honorable Mention Winner in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, 2008

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  • “Internal Affairs”

    Published in issue #1.3 of Withersin<.i> A GI in Iraq is a modern-day entrailist who uses his prophetic talents to keep himself and his team alive - at a terrible cost.

  • “Combers”

    Second Place Winner in the Writer's Digest 2006 Genre Contest. A mystery, following five people searching a field for a missing boy. One of them is the murderer.

  • “Stowaway”

    Shortlisted in Albedo One's 2nd Annual Aeon Contest, about a prophetic stowaway who predicts galactic apocalypse.

  • “The Red Envelope”

    2nd Place Winner in L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Contest Vol. XXII, and also appearing in the Year's Best Romantic Fantasy 2, and earned an Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. A naive American in Taiwan finds himself bound by their customs to be the groom in a 'ghost marriage' to a deceased girl. He remains faithful until one day he falls in love with another woman... and his wife does not approve.

  • “Chain Letter”

    An electronic crimes detective must hunt down a vicious serial killer bent on murdering every recipient of an email chain letter. Published in Futures Mystery, Sep-Oct 2005.

  • “Restoration”

    A grim exploration of immortality told through the eyes of two characters in a ten-thousand year existence, illustrating the impact of such a possibility on the future of our race. Imagine if reincarnation is the true and necessary state of our souls' progression. Published in Issue #5 of Paradox, Summer 2004.

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  • “Past Tense”

    A radical view of alternate history, told from the standpoint of a desperate man who is alone in his ability to perceive quantum reality shifts occurring constantly and always re-writing history. Published in Would That It Were, Jan. 2003.

  • “Guardians”

    3rd Place Winner in the 2002 Distant Worlds Short Story Contest - about a team of galactic rescue workers, called upon to aid planets undergoing cataclysmic upheavals. What happens when those they're helping refuse to leave?

  • “Rescue Shelter”

    Published in Frightnet and The Reaper. An old woman is forced to leave her home in Louisiana in advance of Hurricane Hugo. She has never left it in 40 years, ever since magically protecting her house against the intrusion of a patient and vengeful spirit.

  • “Double or Nothing”

    Published in Plot Magazine (Spring, 1996), an updated Deal-with-the-Devil tale, played out in the casinos of Las Vegas for the highest stakes.

  • “Tour Guide”

    Published in the 1st (and only) issue of Manifest Destiny (in 1993). The last days of the Earth are chronicled by an ageless robot, nostalgically trying to recall his early days and the history of the race that had long since departed.

  • “Checkmate”

    Two brothers wage an enchanted game of Chess for the highest stakes while the Gods patiently await the outcome. Gothic Light, 1993.

  • “Hotline”

    A social worker takes a frightening call. Crimson, Jan. 1999.

  • “The One Below”

    A helicopter pilot disrupts a human sacrifice, unwittingly allowing a monstrous deity back from the depths in this H.P. Lovecraft inspired tale. Mythos Collector, 2002.

  • “Seeker”

    A tortured scientist's noble creation, the ultimate criminal deterrent, goes horribly wrong. Black Moon, 1997.

  • “Under Hypnosis”

    The veiled woman came to him seeking relief from her unusual phobia; what he uncovered in her mind was beyond anything in this world. Spellbound, 1995.

  • “Vestige”

    Their world was threatened by a cosmic cataclysm. Only one young boy's grandfather could foresee the devastation and plan a way for their history to survive in the coming darkness. The Boundless Realm, 2001.

  • “The Reunion”

    A meeting of hijacking survivors at a remote mansion. A perfect murder and a house full of suspects. The Venetian Quarterly, 1993.