• NIGHTWATCHERS **optioned**  (Horror)

    A single mother living in a trailer home must protect her autistic son and the other residents from deadly supernatural forces during a night of terror.

  • ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE  (Psychological Horror)

    A psychiatrist trying to balance his life is bought a new GPS device for his car, but it starts to take on a life of its own and he is drawn into a world of psychosis and murder.

    • Genre Award Winner - Expo Screenplay Competition
    • Finalist - Slamdance Horror
    • Finalist - The Movie Script Contest
    • Semi-finalist, Shriekfest
    • Page Int'l Semi-finalist
  • THE LAZARUS GROUP  (Suspense/Thriller)

    Transformed by a Near Death Experience, a formerly crooked cop realizes he may have had a larger purpose in surviving when he discovers that members of his support group are being murdered... by one of their own.

    • RUNNER UP/Finalist - Scriptapalooza 2010
  • ISOLATION  (Psychological-Thriller)

    After a space shuttle accident, an astronaut marooned aboard the International Space Station suffers mind-bending hallucinations and traumatic flashbacks, all leading to a shocking revelation.

    • Quarter-Finalist - Nicholl Fellowship 2008
    • Quarter-Finalist - Blue Cat 2008
    • Silver REMI Award Winner - Worldfest Contest 2008
    • Finalist - The Screenplay Festival 2008
  • BLINDSPOTS  (Thriller)

    Trapped in a snow-bound Vermont hospital, seven strangers afflicted with Prosopagnosia (face-blindness), discover they are somehow able to see each other - but before they can figure out why, they are targeted by a preternaturally-gifted killer who has been waiting, more than one lifetime, for their arrival.

    Adapted from my forthcoming novel publication.

    • Quarter-Finalist - Page Int'l 2007
    • Quarter-Finalist - Blue Cat 2009
  • THE RED ENVELOPE  (Horror)

    A naive American is tricked by a local Chinese custom into marrying the spirit of a dead girl; then unexpectedly, he finds himself honor-bound to obey his vows -- at the cost of destroyed relationships and a life without intimacy. But when he meets the perfect woman, can he risk everything to undo the bonds of marriage?

    Adapted from the award-winning short story, and based on an actual Chinese tradition.

    • Finalist - A Night of Horror 2009
    • Finalist - Worldfest 2006 (Horror)
    • Finalist - The Horror Screenplay Contest
    • Finalist - Terror Film Fest 2007
    • Semi-Finalist - Shriekfest 2007
  • DESERT DEMONS – cowritten with Brian M. Logan  (Horror)

    A security guard and the townspeople of an upscale New Mexico community must survive a night of horror when deadly creatures are unleashed from an old Spanish well.

  • THE SUPERNATURALS  (novel adaptation)

    Adaptation of the best-selling author David L. Golemon’s newest novel.

    An extraordinary team of ghost hunters accepts the challenge of a live television broadcast, and ventures into the ultimate haunted house.

  • N.D.E.  (series Pilot)

    After a Near Death Experience radically transforms the life of an eccentric billionaire, he recruits others with similar experiences to study the global phenomenon.

    Together they will discover amazing similarities, common visions and dramatic abilities among people who have come back from the dead, leading to an earth-shattering revelation about the phenomena, and themselves.


    A reluctant psychic joins a team of remote-viewing archaeologists to hunt for a legendary treasure chamber hidden beneath the remains of the Pharos Lighthouse, one of the Wonders of the Ancient World. (adapted from my novel, part one of a trilogy from Variance Publishing)