• The Legacy (2022)

    After the mysterious death of his older brother, Logan Ventora must overcome his addictions and gain control of a rare neurological disease in order to claim the sole inheritance—their family’s Mediterranean resort on the island of Lipari. But with this gift comes a far more sinister legacy, a hereditary curse and a sacred obligation to contain an ancient evil that has been waiting millennia for its chance to escape and wreak vengeance upon the world. In a clash of modern science and timeless myths, the events unfold in a transformative tale at times full of equal parts terror, wonder and love.

  • Dangerous Illusions (2019)

    Discover 25 original tales – stories to alternately chill your blood, warm your heart, thrill your senses and most of all, make you doubt your reality, like everything might just be…a dangerous illusion.

  • The Prometheus Objective (2018)

    The world is in chaos and on the brink of devastation. The population reeling with the sudden onslaught of psychic visions, only the seasoned team of remote viewers under Caleb Crowe's direction can find a way to reverse the damage and restore the balance. Traveling from the submerged ruins under Nan Madol to the secret ancient base under the Antarctic ice, the team has one chance--and one choice. Confronted with the ultimate storehouse of wisdom from the dawn of time, do they accept the gift...and all its consequences?

  • Devil Spawn (2017)

    Set in the Tattered Sails shared universe, Devilspawn is a tale of piracy, epic naval warfare, voodoo sorcery, zombies and ghosts, and ultimately…redemption.

  • The Telsa Objective (2016)

    After a deadly new enemy emerges, one that can cloud their minds with fake visions, the psychics of the Morpheus Initiative find themselves either imprisoned or on their own as the entire world turns against them. Their only hope—and the hope of salvation in the face of cosmic annihilation—is to recover lost technology and gain access to the genius of Nikola Tesla, who may have been one of them.


    Climate change is man-made, but caused by just a powerful few known as Druids. When successful meteorologist Mason Griers is recruited to consult for a mysterious environmental firm, it’s the perfect chance to put his lifetime obsession with violent weather to practical use. Solstice Inc. promises a new technology that can accurately predict, and possibly control, catastrophic weather events around the world. Too late however, Mason learns that Solstice is made up of high ranking and powerful Druids, and he's become an unwitting tool in the firm's dark plot that could remake the world on a scale not seen since the last great extinction.

  • JURASSIC DEAD 3 (2015)

    Three months after the fall of Washington D.C., the planet is a hellish battleground for an all-out war between prehistoric undead forces and the scattered remnants of the living . But the resistance movement has its own plan to hit Ctrl-Z and undo the zombie apocalypse. Alex Ramirez, Special Agent Veronica Winters and Major Casey Remington have placed their last hope to restore civilization in a zombie antidote developed at great cost in the utmost secrecy. In his darkest moment yet, Alex must confront the grim reality that the only way to defeat a monster is to become one himself.


    After the discovery of a dormant zombie virus in preserved Antarctic dinosaur specimens, billionaire visionary and megalomaniac Melvin DeKirk proceeds with his plan to unleash a zombie-dinosaur army upon the world, starting with Washington D.C. The U.S. military struggles to prevent the contagion’s spread and to defend against the onslaught of prehistoric monstrosities as all-out war breaks out between the living and the dead.

  • JURASSIC DEAD (2014)

    An Antarctic research team hoping to study microbial organisms in an underground lake discovers something far more amazing: perfectly preserved dinosaur corpses. After one thaws and wakes ravenously hungry, it becomes apparent that death, like life, will find a way. Environmental activist Alex Ramirez, son of the expedition’s paleontologist, came to Antarctica to defend the organisms from extinction, but soon learns that it is the human race that needs protecting.

  • ESCAPE PLANS (2014)

    A collection of 19 mind-bending and adrenaline-fueled stories. Ranging from dark fantasy and horror to mystery, science fiction and suspense, in these tales you'll encounter a chilling cure for cancer, a demonic GPS device and a ghost marriage to a jealous and deadly bride; here you'll find alternate quantum histories, underwater zombies and a basement serving as a time portal; you'll experience environmental disasters on a galactic scale, meet a man who can erase lives with the stroke of a marker, practice ancient arts of divination--with frightening consequences, and visit a grim future set against humanity's last days. Emotional, terrifying and thought-provoking, make your plans to escape today.

  • NDE (2014)

    After a Near Death Experience (an 'NDE') radically transforms the life of
    eccentric billionaire Nicholas Sheridan, he becomes obsessed with understanding the experience, recreating the conditions that opened the gate to the unknown.

    After recruiting others with similar experiences, they discover amazing connections, common visions and dramatic abilities among people who have come back from the dead. But what they haven't bargained for is that the gate opens both ways. Something has escaped from death and is hunting them. Something hungry...


    A legendary treasure chamber hidden beneath the ancient Pharos Lighthouse has defied discovery for over two thousand years... Until Caleb Crowe and his team of psychic archaeologists dare the impossible. After the Pharos, the team goes on to search for Genghis Khan's tomb in The Mongol Objective, and then the Spear of Destiny, the Statue of Liberty and the strange features of Mars take center stage in The Cydonia Objective.

  • BLINDSPOTS (2012)

    Six strangers from across the globe, all afflicted with Prosopagnosia-a disease that renders the sufferer unable to recognize faces-find themselves drawn to a secluded Vermont clinic specializing in their condition. Once there, to the shock of their lives, these strangers find they are not only able to see, but somehow recognize each other. But before they can learn the amazing truth about their connection, they are targeted by a preternaturally-gifted killer who has been waiting, more than one lifetime, for their arrival.

  • CRESCENT LAKE (2011)

    Bizarre miracles, a town besieged by religious fanaticism, and an unholy power that gives life to your worst sins.

  • SILVER AND GOLD (2010)

    A legendary prospector finds his fame and nobility amidst the gold rushes of the 19th century, striving against arctic monsters, evil industrialists, and the relentless forces of nature.

  • SECOND COMING (2010)

    On a perilous quest through buried cities, from the heart of the Empire's stronghold to the Church's secretive lunar monastery, a team of archaeologists, scientists and psychics find the remnants of an ancient civilization devastated by a cosmic catastrophe. These unlikely heroes are soon caught between a planetary rebellion and more sinister forces, and they must somehow unite two worlds against the returning apocalyptic threat.


    On a cliff overlooking Seneca Lake in upstate New York, the Belhurst Castle proudly stands at the site of previous mansions and Indian fortresses, a place riddled with history and fantastic legends. Rumors abound of hauntings, hidden treasure, underground tunnels, and a curse on those who disturb old burial grounds. Eccentric and passionate individuals lived and died here over the centuries. Some, perhaps, have never left.


    A disillusioned archaeologist unleashes an ancient evil, and an epic struggle begins between the living and the dead. A headstrong journalist returns from near-death with her sight enhanced, able to see restless souls around her, and she is soon thrust into the ultimate terror, facing the menacing spirit of the most bloodthirsty Aztec ruler in history, a soul determined to achieve his apocalyptic destiny. Aided by the spirit of a captivating but hopelessly existential pirate, she must stand between the Aztec and his prize — a young boy with a miraculous gift, or a cursed power that could end all of existence.