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    Published in CHIzine #33. An allegorical tale of an inescapable city and a population so desperate to escape they turn to the only direction left... Honorable Mention Winner in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, 2008.

    The Wrong Basement

    Published in Abyss&Apex #32. The title pretty much says it all, read it to find out what's down there.

    Turning Time

    Published in issue #23 of Abyss & Apex. The dead are cold, and during a ceremonial event in Madagascar, they are brought out to meet their descendents... and to find warmth once again.


    Published in Black Static #7. Two scuba divers assisting the police with a dead body make a horrifying discovery under the sea.


    Published in Issue #5 of Paradox. An exploration of immortality told through the eyes of two characters in a ten-thousand year existence.

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